Since it does not have a trademark it is hard to authenticate it as a true Hummel. I have always wondered when my hello hummel was made. When there are two dates you use the later date as the date for verifying the trademark and date. If you can send me this number I can tell you what lamps you have? I think. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide answering these questions. The underside also has the copyright mark with W. Goebel (written in cursive in blue) next to it. could you please help me? Hi Annette, There should be a number on the bottom of the figurines can you please let me know what this number is? Elizabeth. Little Homemakers (miniplate) 1988 to 1991 Hum No: 745 - 748. you tell me de value of this hummel and de meaning of I looked at the base again, in fact the C is in brown paint and there is no circle. As I said before the earlier date refers to the first year of production. @Jane, The bases were often made earlier than the release date. Goebel made their Hummels in Germany so the one from China I would say is a reproduction. The second date is when the Hummel was painted by the artist. This Hummel is called Weary Wanderer. At the bottom @ the back around the rim is engraved M I Hummel followed by copyright mark followed by what looks like W in a G. On the underside of the figurine is the large bee in a V with (R) in blue right next to it and with Germany printed in black. Is divided width-wise, unlike the majority being length-wise. It is from the first trademark (TMK-1) collection, namely the Double Crown issue making it a very valuable piece . One of the Hummels are Spring Blossoms BH/3/2/0 Goebel 2003 China..the next one is a 1993 stapmed 479 I brought you a gift there is nothing wrong with her and they are asking 16.50.the next one is 1992 4B 629 from me to you. and M.I. They are in mint condition and still in the boxes. When posting comment please make sure the comment is related to identifying the age of the Hummel. To see our price, add these items to your cart. Plate No. What would be the best way to get you pictures of these figures, since that might be the best way for you to get a feel for them? I inherited half of a rather extensive collection of Hummels from my mother. Please try again later. In another store I saw a TMK 1 Double Crown Little Fiddler for $371 but the clerk said I could get it for half price ($185) if I paid the seller directly. Would you be able to tell me the time frame for the piece? The other is a boy holding a lamb and another lamb at his feet, no. This would help in the valuing of your Hummels. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. 24 (the Spring) of 1800-01. Shes wearing a pinkish/peachy colored dress which has some stars on it. What does the 5 mean? It might be a hidden gem. Thank you Korin. The problem I have is I was told the scripted signature, the 92 & 1938 from the 1935-1949 time period (it does not have the W overlaying the G), but the V with the bee is 1964-1972 time period. Something went wrong. Oops. Thank you. This clock's hands are made of brass, and the numerals are applied in precious 23kt gold. She does have a chip on the inside edge of her round base. On the lid it has M J H^^^^^^^^^^^L behind boy and bird. I have not personally used this site to sell but I have heard many good things about it. Hummel 629 From me to you only can in trademark 7 the estimated value for this Hummel is $65-75 (USD). Most likely it was done by artist Reinhold Unger. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. I have a Hummel of a young boy holding a horn in his right hand and a pony with wheels on the bottom in his left hand, 239/C with a backward small c beside the capital C. This happens sometimes when Goebel changed between TMKs. lol sorry the little black mark with a magnifying glass is #13. The little gardener is the Bee that stands higher than the V it has a recessed circle around it. Hi Joy, I get so many request for Hummel values that I normally do not get the chance to answer back ones with multiple Hummels. )Hummel 11/0 Merry Wanderer TMK 2 estimated value is $275 (USD). The look of the trademark has varied since 1935. Thanks so much. The bottom is donut shaped with insized markings: rr 12 2/0. How can I find out about my daughters Mothers Little Helper framed picture. These were bought by my grandmother from the Hummel factory in Germany while my grandfather was stationed there. It is 13-1/2 inches high, has no halo, no child, praying hands. They are all trademark 1. Hummel Annual Christmas Plates - 1995 to 2000 - Hum No: 692 - 697. These items have been sold, and the description, image and price are for reference purposes only. TMK 7 - 1991-1999. There is no number that I can find on the bottom of either figure. I believe you have a Goebel figurine and not a Hummel. A painted one sells for about $200 (USD). Does the figurine sit on top of a box? A classic and well known figurine, this is scarce because the base. Because Ars Sacra was the first company to publish M.I. His base is rectangular but not separated into quadrants. It is not a figurine but a square. Hummels work (the initial postcards) and held copyrights to her art, many consider the Dubler figurines as legitimate collector pieces. It was her feeling that no Hummel figurines were made in the USA. I have six Hummel/Goebel figurines. Can you help me to identify this mark and possibly its value? And the Merry Wanderer has the same V-Bee in-circled with the numbers 11 2/0 and the boy has 7 buttons on his shirt not 5 like the others Ive seen. Below Book Value! With this many figurines I would suggest taking them to a local auction house. Height 13 cm. He did sign a lot of his piece. There is also a stamp that saysGermany on the bottom. I would like to sell them but there seems to be many variations of the same figures. This is one of six Hummels Ive just inherited and I was interested in finding out more about them. was wondering its value. While it is possible that this is a Goebel piece it does not appear to be a Hummel. I offer these for a small fee you can find all the information here. Hi Korin! Korin. It has 377 stamped on the bottom with what looks like a Oa 82 written on it. - FIND TODAY's SELECTED Hummel Clock offered FOR SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction. They are asking $319 for it. I believe this is from there gnome line. The trademark is a large blue bee inside a v inside a depressed circle with the word Germany underneath. Theres not a M.I. either. Many times a raw figurine will have a date from the previous trademark on it (this is when the figurine was made). This has a slightly embedded circle around it. The last vintage figurine has a rectangular shape bottom with an oval relief in the middle with line to both of long sides (129 Band leader). LK A101 HH PA 2.28 CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR FREQUENTLY 125795318594 It has the number 71 imprinted and a painter's mark. Ships from and sold by M & S Vintage Collectibles. This is why I end up putting together a complete value guide for the full Hummel product line. I will need to know what trademark is on the bottom to give you a accurate value. The values on Hummels can vary depending on where you sell them and the current condition of the market. TMK 2 - 1950-1956. I would suggest selling them as a boxed lot to get the best value. Fair market value is around $100-145. 5 out of 5 stars. I assisting in an estate sale, and I would like to get the best value for the items. Most Valuable M.I. Any information you can give me would be most excellent! I have scoured the internet looking for clues as to the value. Hoping for the best There should be a number on the bottom of the lamps. It was the number of the person that assembled the soft parts before it was fired. She is sitting down in a blue off-shoulder, ruffled dress clutching a mustard yellow scarf over shoulders that cascades onto her lap. Estimated value is $165.00 (USD). On its bottom this figurine has the 1972-1979 Goebel stamp with what also looks like a small signature marking on the bottom. Apart from its musical value, the String Quintet occasioned an emblematic moment in Beethoven's biography, one that underscores the pitfalls of becoming famous. For a good starting point, reference this Hummel Figurine Guide, but note that prices can vary widely depending on certain factors. In this time the market is still changing. The above Hummels are in perfect or near perfect condition, no cracks, scratches or crackles to their finishes. The marking on the Hummel is its trademark stamp. These are beautiful, theyre small and fit perfectly in my small Curio Cabinet!! It says Germany and has small black 5 on the bottom as well. Retail value for colored version: $250 $285. Has mark from 1964-1972 and the number is 353/I. to see your Club Exclusive and Anniversary items, renew your membership, and receive FREE shipping on all orders over $150! . Sold for $2,500 via Blackwell Auctions LLC (January 2021). the second SINGING LESSON has on the bottom nummer 63 and marks TMK1. Pre-Owned. Olivier. #Crystal Figurine #Collectible# Art Glass# Animal Figurines #Table #Home #Decor Gift#. Unfortunately with Hummel figurines even the littlest amount of damage impacts the value. Markings on the bottom of piece are: Double Crown Mark, imprints of X.S.20. and B and also imprint of the number 35. I have the Apple Tree Girl Figure Hummel but am confused about its number. Out of Stock. How much its worth? View cart for details. Hummel First Mate 2148/B Trademark 8 is worth about $65 (USD), Hummel Apple Tree Girl 141 3/0 Trademark 8 is worth about $125 (USD), I have a Hummel figurine which is all brown. If you can send photos that would be great. Hummel TMK 3 Stormy Weather depicting two children under a large umbrella, dated between 1958-1972. . I can help you further once I know the number. $39.00 0 bids 5d 12h. Fabulous Figurines - Touch up one of your rooms with a collectible victorian lady. I can tell you it will most likely cost more to repair the figurine then it is worth. Stamped Germany. Hello, When determining the age we use the latest mark. There are quite a few factors that go into determining the worth of any specific Hummel plate. If you are not sure about something just leave a comment below and I will try to clear it up for you. Artist hand initialed in black ink. I have a Latest News #184, TMK 3LS. Stormy Weather (Hum 71) $310.00. I own dozens of Hummels purchased between the mid-1950s and early 1960s. 03. All Hummels (besides a very few) have a backstamp. This is Hummel 112 3/0 Just Resting TMK1. 99 $ 19. There is little information about the other Goebel products. 1940ish. I have several hummel left to me by my Grandmother, three of which are in pristine condition. The estimated value range is 175-275 (USD). If you or anyone else can help with thier titles then I would be very appreciative. My mother had 4 Hummels when she did 20 yrs ago, two of them purchased for her in the early 60s my her brother on a trip to Germany, two purchased for her by my father for Christmas from a fine department store in Columbus Ohio around the same time. Thanks again! HUM 11/0 Merry Wanderer TM1 is worth approximatly $260.00 USD. on the girl with nosegay it was hard to tell which year it was from because it has the C with cirlce Goebel with W.Germany under Goebel. There is not much information out there about Goebels other products. If it looks like an original, would you be able to give an approximate date it was manufactured? It does show M I Hummel on the round base w/ a name label sister but I believe the 96 is for little shopper. The boy walking with a rucksack is HUM 82 School Boy there are four models of this Hummel that have the dates you claim. Goebel used the same trademarking on all of its products until 1990. Dwarfs figures are not only decoration for home, but also it will help a child to develop his logic, patience and his dexterity while having fun. Hi Korin, lol TY for reply, lol I am still trying to find out about her, I googled HM80 and found your site again. Tory minister Kemi Badenoch denies government trying to roll back trans rights,Women and equalities minister Kemi Badenoch has denied the government is rolling back trans rights while taking questions on gender reforms. True Legacy Homes can help you identify and appraise Hummel figurines and other valuable items in your estate. Thus today, both the Dubler figurines and the Beswick figurines are much sought after collector items, even though they are not authentic Hummel figurines. Check out our hummel stormy weather selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our figurines & knick knacks shops. The important thing is what date they where made. If you have a Hummel value related question then please see the Hummel Price Guide page. A new small size, Hum 71/2/0 (4.75"), was issued in 1985. The trademark is located on the bottom of the lamps. View cart for details. Pricing & History. Inscribed on the back of the base is R. Unger. The engraved number can be there for many different reasons such as the original release date of that model. E-bay just seems to be an unreliable source. Hummel 229 Apple Tree Girl Table Lamp TMK 2 estimated value is $800 (USD) TMK 3 estimated value is $500 (USD). Merry Wanderer 11 2/0 He is 4 & 1/2 inches high w/a small bee inside the V. Both of which are inside an imprinted circle (no ink). Hello. Is she busking?? Is there a number on the back of this plaque? It has an open back and the frame is the manger in a brown wash. Boy in Apple Tree w/dog at the bottom 56-A The mark is the V with the bee and W.Germany printed under the V. The mark represents the years 1960-1972 I believe. I have 2 Hummel figurines. I have a hummel marked west germany 1967 called the shopper #53 wondering the value and how rare this one is, Are there any other numbers on the bottom of the figurine? It looks like trademark 5 with the Goebel and the V with the small bee over the e and the smaller W. Germany under that line, but that trademark should be 1972-1979. I have a M.I.Hummel Merry Wanderer Plaque, I am confused by the markings on the back! "Stormy Weather" Double Crown Hummel (no. Title is Merry Little Village number A470 with mini figures 235-1 thru 235-7 all in boxes. The color palette can be recognized across genuine Hummel figurines. The best way to know for sure is to check the latest TM to the chart on the top of this page, that is how we arrive on the date. There is a pre 1957 version of this Hummel.
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