One of the scariest places in the state of Wisconsin, confirmed by the Travel If you experience problems with the form or want to attach images please email them to, Are you affiliated with this location? Halloween and haunted houses go hand-in-hand each October and the Twin Cities area has quite a few options to get frightened. So if you are visiting, try the cheddar and check out these scary places. 42 days ago. Some witnesses say they have Holcroft House, which contains Clarkson University's Office of Admissions and Welcome Center, was built way back in 1822 and houses many Clarkson family heirlooms--including a ghost believed to be Elizabeth Clarkson, the mother of the college's namesake. While working night maintenance with another employee, we were just starting cleaning after closing (circa 11 p.m.). When they responded, the police never found anyone, so the locals decided they had a ghost on their hands. This house is known in these parts because it belonged to Marie Schmidt-Bremer, the daughter of Schmidt Brewing Company founder Jacob Schmidt. Thick, eerie fogs and cold spots are known to materialize in the area as well. Guests have heard footsteps and strange noises here, and experienced feelings of uneasiness. Horror Culture The fur trade so lucrative, the Indians, French, Americans, and English battled over the territory and there were many forts built along the waterways to protect this trade as well as the mineral "lead" for ammunition. More about Factory of Fear-Visit Site, Welcome to the Forest of Freaks website, Wisconsin's SCARIEST and LONGEST outdoor haunted forest Items also have been known to disappear or St. Joesph's Catholic Church, formerly a Catholic school, is home to a ghost nun. The hotel building was built in 1875, and several spirits are believed to haunt it. Parkhurt House - Nye Manor is a circa-1820 stone house constructed for Army major Jabez Parkhurst, one of the six confirmed folks to pass away inside the home. One of the buildings here, the Dutton House, is said to have more to it than meets the eye. The theatres staff Kalamazoo Civic Theatre is said to be haunted by the ghost they call Thelma Mertz. This historic house, built in 1836 and now a museum complex, is home to some playful spirits who move objects and open doors. Dreadwood is an isolated forest outside of Hudson, WI. Flickr / Kanwar Sandhu. Some have heard the sound of someone running St. Joesph's Catholic Church, formerly a Catholic school, is home to a ghost nun. title: 'Victorian Superstitions and Ghost Stories Tour', The hotel is no longer in operation, but is believed to still have three ghostly tenants who stayed on. Website: Phone Number: 262-866-1182 Distance From You: Enable location sharing from browser settings. 1004 3rd St Neenah haunted house is the Burial Chamber Haunted Complex of Adrenaline Haunted House, Insanity Haunted House, Phobia Haunted Woods and Fear Chamber. WebHaunted Places in Hudson, North Carolina McGlohon Theatre. Folks have heard unexplained voices, doors open and close on their own, and a movie projector once started by itself. The Jonathan Padelford is a Mississippi River steamboat that's believed to be haunted by a man who drowned after climbing to the top of the pilothouse and then falling from it into the river. Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, scream parks, haunted hotels, haunted caves, haunted farms and barns, haunted stables and trails, haunted mazes, attractions and more. The 1910 Fitzgerald Theater is reportedly haunted by Ben, thought to be a former stagehand, and Veronica, a former actress. So the story goes, a farmhouse once stood nearby, and it burned down late one night. The Old Jail subsequently became the home of the Kosciusko Historical Society now shares the county Genealogy Library. His daughter Alice and family friend Carroll Simmons are believed to be here as well, and Hamline University has a few haunted halls, say the students. If the form doesnt work, you want to send a video file, or multiple photos please send them to, I took this photo/videoI found this photo/video online, I give Wisconsin Frights permission to use this photo or video. Think we cant scare you or that you cant be scared? Mars Milwaukee Haunted House is located in the second story of a truly haunted historic building, built in the late 1800s, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Former Lumber Barons and now the Water Street Inn, the place is said to be haunted by the spirit of a drunken Confederate soldier. WebFind 1 listings related to Haunted Houses in North Hudson on Maintained by Sinister Visions Have you met the Ghost of Hudson? The Ramsey County Courthouse is haunted, say witnesses who have seen apparitions in old-style clothes and heard laughter in empty rooms and high heels walking down empty halls. The sounds of a congregations of parishioners have been heard in the basement and in the sanctuary of the church, but when investigated, there is no on there. He was Civil War quartermaster General William Leduc's home, built in 1865, and his family reportedly dabbled in spiritualism. People who scoff at her may get a coffee shower or a door slammed nearby. Know Of A Haunted Place? Our Last Ride Burial Simulators will bring this horror to life. One building said to see the most ghostly activity is the Manor Hall, where apparitions, moving objects and strange noises abound. Behind the scenes tours and interviews of Wisconsin haunted attractions. Four halls are involved in haunting legends at Norwich University. Apparitions, footsteps, mists, strange lights, voices and missing objects have been reported. The intense energy they expel, helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. A haunted location: Paschal Aldich Home in Hudson, Wisconsin. ), Use the form below to submit photos and videos for use on the Wisconsin Frights website and social media. Eyes are upon you when you enter. Most Native Americans were coerced into moving on reservations out of the state. Dont wait for a review, see for yourself. Any unacknowledged reproduction of the contents originating herein is strictly prohibited. The 1820s Auberge Willow Place Inn is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young servant girl named Maude. Folks have long said the place was haunted, and witnesses describe strange knocking and banging, doors that close on their own, and misty apparitions who sit in the audience. According to local tales, the police got several calls about a person who was trapped inside a mausoleum. All information listed pertains to 2020 only and does not apply to 2023., Victorian Superstitions and Ghost Stories Tour. container: '#blueimp-gallery-carousel', There are also Olympia Books is no longer in operation according to reports, but it is said to have a ghost named Mr. Bock. While many around Clark Lake were gazing upward observing the astronomical phenomenon, a darker aberration was occurring. In 1775 it served as a war headquarters for the Continental Army, and was visited by Benjamin Franklin in 1776 as he tried to recruit aid for Rue St. Paul (or Rue Saint Paul) is a street in Montreal street with 2 legends, those of Vallier and Marie-Joseph Anglique. Most Haunted Hotel: In the charming town of New Hope, the Logan Inn has been creeping out its guests since 1722. Haunters Library Waukesha, Neenah, Milwakee, Mount Pleasant, and Franklin are the cities that you have to visit on your gallery_full = blueimp.Gallery(images, options); She is in her mid twenties and has shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes, and wears a turn-of-the-century lace dress. It was a rooming house for those on the Red River Ox Cart Trail. Some have heard the sound of someone running At the 1800s Gibbs Museum Farmhouse, spirits are a regular occurrence, some say. A brand new vortex of terror, bigger, darker, scarier, and Burial Chamber Haunted Complex is a mind-blowing experience in Neenah, Wisconsin. Furs which kept people not only warm but dry, were traded so extensively that they almost extinct the animals. The museum opened in 1975. Librarians working there often have peculiar experiences, which almost all of them ascribe to the friendly library ghosts. Now an inn, as one would imagine there is plenty of ghostly activity here. Utilizing constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Wisconsin, the Badger State, was well known for the fur trade of the past. Out from the shadows comes the most sinister and evil creatures from the portals of the world below. The Minnesota State Capitol was completed in 1905, replacing an older building that had burned down. The spirit set here include a woman known as 'Margaret', a young boy in old-fashioned breeches and the apparition of a farmer. 2023 featured haunted attractions. He promised to take her away, but she was murdered before this happened. Set for Thursday, October 22nd and Friday, October 23 from 7 to 9:15 pm, this tour offers a glimpse into Victorian superstitions and customs surrounding death. Allegedly haunted by a variety of employees who died there in various ways. It is illegal to trespass on private property, and, although takes no responsibility for the actions of its readers, we emphatically discourage any reader from trespassing on any site listed on Local legend has it that many years ago a group of teens performed a sance here, during which a body fell to the floor, leaving a big blood stain near the pentagram they drew. These real haunted establishments are open to the public. Other encounters indicate that disembodied footsteps, cold spots and the smell of Former Lumber Barons and now the Water Street Inn, the place is said to be haunted by the spirit of a drunken Confederate soldier. WebAddress: 2825 Southeast Frontage Road, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin 53177, United States. 4. Five Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Shape Your Heart Health, T-Mobile Tuesdays: Fresh Perks Every Week, Hudson Area Pets Newly Up For Adoption: Meet Gamora, Nala, Karl & More, Hudson Schools: Congratulations To Our Hudson Raider Winter Teams, Open Houses In The Hudson Area: The Latest 2 Listings, Local Jobs: Check Out Who's Hiring In The Hudson Area. Something may be strange about Room 217 Forepaugh's Restaurant serves French cuisine in an 1800s Victorian mansion. Witnesses who have seen the ghost believed to haunt this cemetery have given a thorough description of her apparition. Site Map, Site content copyright 2016 TFEG unless noted otherwise. Contact Us Personally I have seen a woman At the popular sledding spot called Andy's Market Hill, aka Dead Man's Hill in Scott Park, legend has it that a little boy named Dameon was sledding in 1998 when he was killed accidentally by an archer who shot him in the eye. The former Mater Dei College, later the Academy at Ivy Ridge, was a school for troubled teens. Source City of Hudson website Last Updated February 6, 2023 Unfortunately, they must return and do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. The Minnesota State Fairgrounds, according to some, is haunted by a ghost pig, or half-human, half-pig called the Pigman. Rumor has it that the upstairs dance lounge is haunted, and deejays report growls and other noises in the headphones. Dont miss the areas biggest and best--Burial Chamber Haunted Complex. This historic building was built in 1836, and has served as both a general store and as a hotel, as it was a popular stopover point for stagecoach and canal travellers. The Old The building the museum is in, today, was built in 1934 as part of the Battle Creek Public School system to house the school's collections of natural history Anderson Cemetery has a legend that explains a glowing headstone. Paschal Aldichs ghost haunts his former home. Education FAQ Waukesha, Neenah, Milwakee, Mount Pleasant, and Franklin are the cities that you have to visit on your journey for the ultimate haunted house in Wisconsin. document.getElementById('event-detail-main-image').classList.add('hidden'); Folks working at the businesses housed in the mansion have noted the attic light coming on by itself, objects falling off shelves, and strange sounds. Abandoned Haunted House Complex is a short 30 minute drive from Chicago, Illinois and 20 minutes south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More about Haunted High(TM) -- America's Only Haunted High School-Visit Site, Travel through this forgotten town, unfold its nightmarish past, and discover its bizarre oddities. A variety of 2023 Halloween events that can be sorted by date, event type, location and more. A witness reported that doors opened and closed, and glowing eyes came out of nowhere in the middle of a wall. Haunted Hudson Valley. Her apparition has been seen around the church and has been blamed for slamming doors, playing the piano, knocking a Bible off a shelf, and footsteps. This will be a night you wont soon forget. The small wooden covered bridge is said to be the residence of a haunt., Scary invites you to Dr. Scarys Haunted House where evil lurks around every corner seeking your screams and your soul. Some visitors hear the laughter of children, attributed to the ghosts of several children who perished in a fire across the street many years ago. Weird Wisconsin stories and creepy travel tips! Also, the ghost of At the 1800s Gibbs Museum Farmhouse, spirits are a regular occurrence, some say. Cool thrills around every No They also believe the kitchen is haunted. Is Hudson WI haunted? They are decorated with brick walls, stucco ceilings and carpet or tile floors.
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