In this surgery, the bony bump is removed and the two bones of the big toe are fused together - Refer to Figure 3. In retrospect, having two orthopedic surgeries within three months of one another may not have been a wise idea. I had previously had a bunionectomy in 1985 and would prefer not to have it recur a third time. The medical information included in this website is written as a guide to your treatment but it is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. While ordering shoes online can be a disastrous experience, I decided to take a gamble. Selected clinics are also available in Ascot and Brighton. x[ms6|31B t:n'NOv&Z$2R\] $%Ru:S@~3#pv<>"`>3IVG_d#|&X" --2.3aGSz204aHd+KONox3|swI8avw3>OMW/]SO{B8)4xBC&1US9>Er{VNT:^DWmpMQya5/kxtCkeuI:}"l)C3}Dj]ohk.a0rN& This procedure involves fusing (or "soldering") the great toe joint (first MTP joint) together. The goal of post-surgical physical therapy is to rehabilitate function in the low back and pelvis in a controlled, gradual manner with minimized pain. Pain in the toe is common after long periods of standing and walking. I got 3 different opinions before electing for surgery and all three agreed fusion was my best option. Check out our previous posts: Disclaimer: Any information provided in this blog is not intended to replace medical advice given by qualified professionals. I had no choice but to remain patient throughout this tedious process. Week 2-6 Light exercise may be undertaken under the guidance of your doctor. If you start too early and dont do these exercises correctly, you can intensify the pain after hammertoe surgery and interfere with the natural healing process, which will prolong the recovery. I definitely knew when my leg was down too long. Sandy. Early on after surgery, try to do one set of pumps for each hour you are awake. Its more common in women, and weve observed its more common in people with chronic low-back pain. This memoir highlights Sandras living and teaching adventure in Bangalore, India. The second cast was put on crooked at 4 weeks forcing my foot to the right , putting more pressure on the incision site causing a horrible sensation of electrocution so I have not been a happy camper relying in Tylenol and 200 mg of Gabapentin daily which seems to do nothing! If physical therapy isnt required, read about different ways that you can regain your strength, flexibility, range of motion, and stamina. Call our friendly team today on 020 3195 2442 Online payment Refer a patient Contact Information A-Z of all conditions and treatments Health Professionals The toe is positioned according to the need to roll off the big toe and will rest off the ground when standing. When you reach the end of the towel, reverse the exercise and move the towel outwards again. The most common were walking, biking, weightlifting, swimming, running, and golf. Repeat twelve times. Im supposed to start physical therapy this coming week which hopefully will expedite healing but with the pain and swelling Im still experiencing it seems a bit premature. But, at about five weeks post-op, I rounded the corner. you are not made of glass. There were several participants who didnt even try. It exclusively focuses on travel. Hold them like that for a moment, then tap them down to the ground. In most cases, you will be able to leave hospital on the same day as your surgery, but some patients spend a night in hospital. After the surgery, you may need to go through some re-learning and adapting and thats where these rehabilitative exercises can help as well. Wrap a towel around your foot and pull up towards you until a moderate stretch is felt in your calf. Why We Get Sick: Showcases Linkage Between Insulin Resistance and Chronic Illness, Active Lifestyles Versus the Aging Process, Tips For Handling Multiple Doctors Opinions. Around two weeks after your operation, your bulky dressings and stitches will be removed and you'll be given a toe alignment splint to wear, as well as exercises to help with your recovery. Its important that you approach the recovery phase with an upbeat attitude. On the other hand, recurrence of hammertoe deformity is a possibility it is estimated that up to 10% of all hammer toe surgeries need revision. Callum, Good luck. If youre an active person, it will be harder to deal with your lack of independence. Praying that this is just the dark before the dawn. It was a great fit. I didnt come home with a cast or walking boot, just the flimsy post surgical shoe. We would be happy to help you in any way you need us to, so dont hesitate to get in touch. My foot still swells and causes pain intermittently. Finally tomorrow he is giving me the walking boot. The procedure involves straightening the toe . Yes, the initial few weeks were painful and challenging. Thanks for sharing your story! The upshot? Gradually, increase the amount of time you spend upright. Big toe fusion surgery is covered by both Medicare and private health funds only when performed by an orthopaedic surgeon (medical doctor). It is possible to return to low-impact sports in six weeks. When the cast was removed, I was placed back into an orthopedic boot. When it gets bad, it can result in lost range of motion in the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, and the medical term for this is hallux rigidus (Latin for rigid toe) (1). <> The road to a recovery after a foot surgery can be a tricky one. Most people are not able to resume all their usual activities for at least 6 months, and it may be 1 year or more before . If youre flexible enough, you wont need the towel at all just pull your toes with your hands. Compared to preoperatively, patients rated 27.4% of activities as less difficult, 51.2% as the same, and 21.4% as more difficult. While each of the exercises listed above can be beneficial, it is extremely important to check with your doctor prior to beginning the regimen to ensure it is appropriate in your particular situation. Its not possible to cause damage to your foot by doing these exercises. You will need to rest while your leg is up in the air, placed on the pillows. Thanks for taking time to comment. $B-Iejq( 7(:\&' *((PtH~9. To protect the incision line, I wear a pair of socks. The invasive procedure is extremely helpful in correcting toe malformation and reducing pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint. Adjustment is important. Continue taking your pain killers regularly. Focus on the benefits of your surgery rather than the frustrations that normally encompass a surgical procedure. However, both must be gradual and consider the fusion surgery. I have never had an Op before or been in Hospital apart from Maternity. These toe exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, or you can get the help of a professional physical therapist to ensure youre doing them correctly. Big toe arthritis for some of us happens as we age. To avoid this, try to rest as much as possible, with your leg raised above your heart. Pre-op I would walk the dog first thing in the morning and cycle plus be active racing around the Motel. Hold for 10 seconds and slowly lower. It feels awkward. After toe fusion. It will take 7 to 10 weeks before you can safely perform activities like hiking, running, cycling, tennis, etc., after a big toe fusion. I followed their recommendations to purchase a half size larger shoe. I viewed the recovery process as a marathon where I had to pace myself rather than a sprint that would be completed quickly. Listen to Your Body and Gradually Increase Activity Level. At approximately five weeks, I graduated to an orthopedic shoe. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else. Its even possible that other parts of your leg may hurt. Slowly move your foot up and down throughout its entire range. You should, however, try to wriggle your toes during these first two weeks this exercise will aid your recovery without causing damage. It will help protect your foot and keep your bones in the right position. So thats what we did and it was determined that the cast the surgeon put on was way too tight and not able to expand with the swelling so the cut into it to reduce the pain and sent me home. I was frustrated. Once fusion is successful, you will be able to wear most shoes, including a high heel if desired of about one and a half inches. Next, try to lift your toes off the ground once you've lifted them, set them back down onto the ground. My dad might have to get foot surgery. Home Blog Toe Joint Fusion Recovery: One Patients Story. Although most hammer toe surgeries end up successful, patients need time to heal and regain motion and strength in the operated toe -and some toe exercises can help with it. This is a general conditioning program that provides a wide range of exercises. Some swelling may remain at this point, but a year after your operation healing should be complete and any remaining swelling will have disappeared. You can make the SLR more challenging by adding a 2- to 3-pound ankle weight. The foot pain will intensify and the toes may swell. % Degenerative arthritis results from wear and tear on the joint surface over time. Keep in mind that your feet have more nerve-endings per square inch than any other body part. Overcorrected bunion hallux varus deformity, How Do You Treat Accessory Navicular Bone, Plantar Fasciitis Stretching for Runners: A Comprehensive Guide, Class 4 Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus, Limb Salvage for Diabetic Foot Problems/Wound Care, Onyfix Non-Surgical Treatment for Ingrown Toenails, 4875 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 230, Alexandria, Virginia, 22304. After several weeks, I was back to swimming for more than 30 minutes without stopping and doing another 30 minutes of combined aerobic activity and walking in the pool. Sandy, I wish my doc had given me some post op instructions for a ganglion toe cyst. Bunion Surgery Update - 6 Weeks Post Operation Copyright Regenexx 2023. Sandy. Raise your good foot in the air as you attempt to balance on the affected leg. Toe socks and metatarsal pads are other helpful natural footgear in rehabilitating the foot after surgery. The most common type, axillary crutches, are made of wood or aluminum and fit under the arms. Ridley, During the post-op recovery phase, you should avoid activities that could cause re-injury. I have googled womens slippers bunionectomy post-recovery in various formats and it just gives me shoes, which is becoming very annoying. A physiotherapist will help you to stand and begin moving around with crutches. Whether you want to know more about preventive hammertoe treatments, minimally invasive hammertoe surgery, or post-operative care, all you need to do is contact us. Hence, given the business plan, its not surprising that fusion surgery has become so popular. By lightly pulling on the towel, slowly bring your toes back towards you until you feel a stretch. %PDF-1.7 Yes, I agree that its always best to focus on positive aspects of a situation. Its important to explore ones options before consenting to surgery. Toe exercises after hammertoe surgery are necessary for proper recovery and preventing hammer toe recurrence. While looking downwards, walk with a heel to toe pattern as though you are on a tightrope. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. After surgery, bulky dressings and stitches will be removed for the next two weeks. viewed_cookie_policy I think the patient has to mentally strong enough to cope up with the bad days. As opposed to fusion surgery, no bone healing is required after Cartiva implant surgery. so allow yourself to feel the exercise some. I like how you said that its good to stay positive. I wouldnt want any complications to come up afterward. On the Altra website, I read about the Zero Drop Platform and wide toe box. It is expected that you will be able to walk normally with your foot at this point. " b L{#9GE .bm:`+fh53#(P-*Xm3c-V*z6'nGk_C>~8'Uu37z0;ztmEvSKm'Q36-ryT&.G C(-V1J#Estow(Es}sm J&6,Lleu=lo1MC'U2;hp5 q.DQS>]r40^wr7H8.o)2@dmuL)i=iig59]Q Your toe joint will be stiff and quite sore and swollen. Nevertheless, toe exercise can be beneficial in this case as well and help you prevent hammertoe reappearance. Its tempting. You had some really great ideas and the thought of staying positive always helps. To fuse the great toe joint, any remnant cartilage on the arthritic . Run, Walk, Yoga? x\j^7*JO#y-ZQo[/ 00966 92002778. Patients can begin putting as much weight on the foot as they can tolerate and start range of motion exercises right after surgery to prevent stiffness. Repeat the process ten times, and then start with the exercise again, but this time move in the other direction. After you return home from the hospital, you will still need to stay off of your feet as much as possible. I have been in excruciating pain. If youre not sure how quickly you should be increasing your activity level, call someone on your medical team. I sincerely hope that each day is a better day. Ive always tried to incorporate water aerobics using Hydro Fit products, walking in the pool, and swimming with Aqua Sphere training flippers as part of my rehab process. In the beginning stages, a hammertoe condition can be improved with different non-invasive treatments, while surgery is needed in more advanced ones. As this becomes easier, progress the exercise by looking straight ahead. Mayo Clinic has developed a unique revision surgery for people who experience a failed first metatarsophalangeal joint replacement. Please contact us for advice if you are worried about any aspect of your health or recovery. Anyway, if you have any additional suggestions , Id love to hear from you. The Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon 1.68K subscribers Subscribe 93 Share 19K views 1 year ago This video goes through the chance of. If the pain in your, Monday Thursday: 9AM 7PM Friday Saturday: 9AM 7PM Sunday: Closed, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the, How Much Does Hallux Rigidus Surgery Cost, How Long Is the Stem Cell Therapy Recovery Process, Which Is Better, PRP or Stem Cell Therapy, What to Expect After Hallux Rigidus Surgery. As with any fusion, this surgery is a dog with fleas. Orthopedics. Ei|a[chKbWW#YMrcm$By/ Bj2Z_-AJI>$;)!ICB!8OzK SBqBdhJ{0Y14F-P ,MDSFZ\hi30/=GP\j\!PbLA)?nTK)E63 RK4Q]#@eJ38-b2@hUrLWP4J%?2F2ZSnj@ }+1Y&) &_2x>||.!=w Grasp the big toe near the base of the toe close to the big toe joint. Exercise: Most patients can use an exercise bike or elliptical trainer after 4 weeks, and can swim after 6 weeks. I didnt feel strong enough to hop through two major airports and a large hotel. i(YR$]d-QFzvG=vwwxaw[?rPSf{BJv4LhMN}4L . Looking for more insight? I am pretty much off my crutches now just the Procare Shoe like Sandra had. Be sure to keep your knee straight for the entire exercise. Higher impact sports can be done around ten to twelve weeks after your operation. A little TLC may be warranted. Prior to leaving the hospital, a physiotherapist will teach you how to navigate around using a pair of crutches. RULE 2: Keep your training pain level at a 4/10 or lower. endobj First MTP Joint Fusion For Big Toe Arthrititis | Jeddah Foot & Ankle Surgeon. Cookies used: After three weeks, can also put weight on your foot in a normal shoe, but you must be aware that your foot is likely to still be swollen. When three sets of 10 repetitions are easy, attempt the exercise using only your recovering leg. Despite having a crutch or walker after surgery, exercise can begin as early as the first day. Some medical teams have the option of offering, Having hallux rigidus, also known as a stiff big toe, can make standing or walking difficult because of the pain. Unregistered, Jan 15, . Lift your leg straight up until it is about 12 inches off the floor. After careful consideration of surgical and non-invasive options, I consented to ganglion metatarsal bone cyst foot surgery. Caz2901 . I had bunion correctional surgery and a tendon reattached + my navicular removed. This means your foot will be numb during surgery and a few hours post-procedure ensuring minimal pain is felt. Toe Joint Fusion Recovery: One Patients Story. I know how hard it is to remain sedentary when you want to be active. Bending forward to touch the toes can put unnecessary strain on the discs and other parts of the spine. Just a few weeks later, the bruising was gone. It is important, however, not to overdo it, so try to avoid walking long distances. This created a hobbling effect. Patience is the key. My situation was a bit more complex since my pre-surgical foot pain prevented me from completing the physical therapy for my knee. After your big toe alignment is improved with surgery, regaining your range of motion (how much you can move a part of the body) is an important focus. Everyone recovers at a different rate. Here is a comprehensive recovery guide to help you understand what to expect after this foot surgery. Keep in mind that you should not start exercising without previous medical consultation. International Medical Centre PO Box 2172 Jeddah 21451. If I went in for foot surgery, Id for sure follow your recovery tips. This stretch helps you improve the flexibility in your calf and assists with regaining a normal heel to toe walking pattern. Big toe fusion surgery has gained traction over the years and is now a common procedure for podiatrists. Good Luck. But your body will send blunt messages when youve overdone it. I use walking poles to steady myself outside. It is coming up to 4 weeks post op and starting to get a little frustrated. HOW TO DO IT: Stand in a long hall way or an open room. 1 0 obj 5. I sincerely hope that your procedure will eventually improve your situation. Pain and swelling are common side effects and each type of operation has its own unique challenges. Stretch your legs in front of you and wrap the towel around your toes. With this in mind, however, focusing on regaining flexibility and strength typically results in the greatest chance of returning to your normal activities. Eventually, I regained all of my independence and drove my car again to Denver. I have been given permission to walk in a shoe. Do you have any tips that youd like to share with my readers? Joint resection. Dave, However, if surgery is recommended, please encourage him to follow all of the post-op instructions and to ask questions when something isnt clear or if the recovery does not seem like it is following the doctors anticipated timeline. Sandra is the author ofMAY THIS BE THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. No crutches either. A medical expert should determine the ideal time, to begin with the exercises and provide you with valuable advice on how to do them properly. To my surprise, I walked up a steep portion of the Oregon Trail. Follow your doctor's instructions for putting weight on your foot. Patients should be able to return to their normal lifestyle. Three days before my surgery to remove several bone spurs on the top of my foot and a large tumor near my toes, I fell and tore my rotator cuff and pulled a muscle in my groin as well as giving myself a huge lump on the head and 2 black eyes. Say Your ABCs Put the foot on the opposite tight, place your finger between the toes, and squeeze them together. With every step I can feel my foot swelling. To limit the inevitable throbbing, I elevated my leg in the backseat of the car during the longer rides and avoided standing too long. Dont get hung up on any minor setbacks. There are several types of fusion surgery that may be carried out within the foot. Physical therapy is prescribed by the surgeon and/or specialist who recommended surgery, and typically includes a combination of the following: That might be hard after surgery, but Ill be sure to tell my brother that because he may need foot work done soon. Moreover, there is a great chance that youve unconsciously adopted some habits that helped you use the feet and other body parts to avoid pain. You may be a good candidate for bunionectomy, After surgery, most people can resume their activities in six to 12 weeks. Predictably the pain was unbearable by Saturday night and of course the doctor couldnt be reached. I walked out of the store delighted that I could walk in shoes again. Are you experiencing pain and reduced mobility in your foot? The procedure requires a minor incision to be made on top of the big toe and the removal of damaged bone prior to the fusion of the joint with a tiny plate and screw. Thanks for sharing your story,its really very helpful. Robyn, I am so sorry to hear about the difficulties you have experienced during your recovery process. Susan, Yoga and Pilates promote strength and flexibility, while also getting your heartrate up and improving circulation. Lones Peak 3.5 trail running shoe by Altra, tips for recovering from ganglion cyst surgery, The Traveling Bornsteins Motto for 2022: Keep Moving-No Regrets, Recapping 2022 Events: 100 Things to Do in Boulder Before You Die, How Skiing and Travel Have Enriched Iras Glioblastoma Journey, Continuing to Promote 100 Things to Do in Boulder Before You Die. Hold the posture for a count of 10 seconds, or less if you can't tolerate the pain for 10 seconds. However, the correction process shouldnt end up there. Just a few weeks ago, I felt like there was a sliver in my incision. Providers listed on the Regenexx website are for informational purposes only and are not a recommendation from Regenexx for a specific provider or a guarantee of the outcome of any treatment you receive. By the end of my adventure, my spirits were soaring and my foot was sore. Pull the toes towards your body with the help of the towel and keep that position for up to thirty seconds. Hence, dont immediately buy in when a fusion is recommended, and get lots of opinions. Standing both heel raises x 20: Stand close to a wall for balance, raise heels to the limit of toe pain and hold for 3 seconds 7. When you get the green light to start with the exercises, toe crunches will be one of the most important ones. Given that there is no way to undo the big toe fusion surgery, outside of treating her ankle to keep it hanging in there, there was no solution to that issue. Exercises such as swimming with a pull-buoy between your legs (so as to avoid kicking with your legs) and basic water aerobic exercises can often be quite beneficial. Fusion normally involves using two internal screws. For this surgery, a doctor cuts ligaments and tendons to help straighten the toe and may also remove a portion of the bone. drGo#c;2Lb 7KShvHZArHV1+'!(\\o}sBAc&B[M*O[=?zKg~C3Y(~tH^K0vf#!rhpqMG\BRP?@Ubc; OC I really want her to be positive about it if that is what happens. Thank you for stating that you should ask questions when getting foot surgery. I made sure that the organizers of the trip were aware of my limitations. All rights reserved. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Thanks for your patience. This exercise focuses on strengthening your gastrocnemius, a bulky muscle in your calf that helps you push off while walking. If surgery was on your left foot, you can usually start driving if you drive an automatic car at this point, if advised by your consultant. In the first 4-6 weeks, simple routines work best. Part 1 Setting Yourself Up for Recovery 1 Stock up on food and other supplies. She also writes for Fareportals online sitesOne Travel Going Places and CheapOAir Miles Away. I hope that your recovery is going well and you are able to return to most activities.Good luck. 3 0 obj Dont forget to ask about your individual post-surgical restrictions. Each time the foot is responding more favorably while my hip is slower to follow. She shares her experiences and recommendations on this blog and on other websites. I hope by now you are well on the way to a full recovery. You can do it through the website, or you can give us a call Monday through Friday and schedule a free consultation. For it, you need to place a towel under the operated foot and make yourself comfortable on a chair. Good luck with your upcoming surgery. How Long Will It Take For My Heel Pain To Go Away? You can return to low impact sports after around six weeks, and by this point will be able to move your foot normally. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds; repeat three times, twice per day. However, in more advanced stages, surgery may be necessary. Good luck! . Toe pushes x 20: Push toe down with hand to pain and hold for 3 seconds, relax Rehabilitation Exercises - After 1 week Post Operatively (or sooner if you are able) (5 times / day) 6. Try scrunching up the towel with your toes and pulling it underneath your foot, but make sure your heel stays connected to the ground. Running after toe fusion op. This sandal will help you to walk while avoiding bearing weight on the areas operated on. Keep the opposite knee bent for comfort. Read books binge Netflix. FIRST AND SECOND WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: Rest, elevation. After reading a preponderance of medical studies that tie physical activity levels to longevity, Im trudging on. After surgery, you may need to wear a special type of shoe or boot for 3 to 6 weeks. The doctor you consult can evaluate your condition and help you determine if the surgery was successful. This exercise also ensures your ankle doesn't lose its range of motion. During that visit, she mentioned that her rightankle was hurting. When it gets bad, it can result in lost range of motion in the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, and the medical term for this is hallux rigidus (Latin for rigid toe) (1). Its done, Platelets and stem cells work in unison together, they heal diseases and injuries in our bodies. Fusion surgery means removing the joint so that it does not move anymore and is one solid piece of bone. Ankle Pumps are a great way initiate movement in the foot early on after surgery. I had a big toe fusion on my right great toe in February and have never been in more pain. The revision procedure involves removal of the implant and reconstruction of the great toe to restore function and relieve pain. I found your article very helpful and will save it and re- read after my surgery for bunion, plantar plate tear and rotated hammer toe this coming Friday. Can anyone recommend a good slipper to wear that would support & protect the corrected foot and prevent requiring surgery in the other? Little efforts make the big differences. Yes, active people struggle when they need to be in a rehab mode and cannot do everything that they want to do. Went to see surgeon this week for check up after 6 weeks and told him the syptoms and he has assured me that the pain in the ball of my foot is still swollen tissue as a big deep neuroma had been removed, and the pain in my toe is part of the nerve pain which will settle down in time,( It is like when you lose a limb, and can still feel your . It was longer than the initial projection. Physical Therapy Guidelines for Hallux Valgus Correction (Bunion Reconstruction) This was written and developed by the therapists of MGH Physical Therapy Services. . 1st MTP Joint Fusion: If the big toe knuckle joint has a lot of arthritis or a very large deformity, fusion surgery will be recommended. Who is a good candidate for big toe fusion? March 1, 2023 12:23 pm . Sandy. Good luck finding a physician who can address your issues. Sandra Bornstein is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer. Use life-giving positivity to put the breaks on your negative thoughts and negative life-draining negativity. I m a very active type A personality so I cant wait to get back on my feet! Brenda, Do you have experience dealing with foot surgery? I recommend that you continue to use common sense as you go through the remaining rehab process and ask questions of your medical providers. Sandras memoir was a finalist in the Travel category for the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the 2013 International Book Awards, the 2013 National Indie Book Excellence Awards, 2013 USA Best Book Awards, and an Honorable Mention award in the Multicultural Non-Fiction category for the 2013 Global ebook Awards. I just want to be active again pain free! Im now four months post-op. Thanks for your patience. Good luck! This will help you regain movement in your big toe. Repeat until you get to the end of the towel, then start over. Beth's feet after healing from the Cartiva procedure. If something doesnt seem quite right, dont hesitate to call the doctors office. Avoid getting too upset by your lack of mobility. When the pain intensified, I had to return to my previous hop status for another week or so. The good news was that her toe felt better, but the bad news was that her ankle felt worse. No high heels to worn until 3 months after surgery. Im recovering slowly from all of it because my pain is everywhere. It may look a bit funky, but Im able to walk around the house without pain. I dont know whats more medically screwed up, that we are aware that fusing one area can hurt others or that its so common that we had to create a medical diagnosis for the problem. All of my HOKA ONE ONE shoes irritated the incision line on the top of my foot and increased the pain in the metatarsal region. You will also be prescribed painkillers to manage any ensuing pain when youre discharged. This apparatus made me feel off-balanced when I hopped around on crutches. Without curling your toes, draw your arch upwards by sliding your toes closer to your heel. Ideal for anyone trying to lose weight, increase muscle tone, or rehabilitate after injuries. Luckily it is Spring/Summer so found I had to sleep with my foot on a cushion exposed as didnt like the feel of bedding on my affected foot.
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