Why then is the new cartridge not being offered in a factory loaded round yet? Here are five Cooper Creek options with Sierra and Berger bullets: In addition, multiple companies are now selling 22 Creedmoor cartridge brass: Alpha Munitions, Atlas ADG, Hornady, and Peterson Cartridge. The 22 Creedmoor is quickly establishing itself as the go-to big 22cal. This new cartridge is just a step away from a wildcat round. It weighs 13.36 pounds with a Trijicon 4.5-30x 56mm AccuPower scope installed in 34mm Precision Hardcore Ranger Rings on a 20 MOA Tru Level Picatinny rail by the same maker. Also, please try our new extremely accurate loaded ammunition, which is available at https://www.grafs.com/. Look at the 22lr ballistics table to compare the muzzle energy at various distances. This was a large rockchuck, sunning himself on the top of some rimrock. Okay thanks. It is ready for varmints or predators, dealing with windy conditions or even pursuing pronghorn to deer-sized big game. The best A-Tip group, a .38-inch one-holer, resulted from 40.5 grains of IMR-4828ssc at 2,926 fps (23-fps extreme velocity spread). Those loads also used the 80-grain Berger VLDs and are somewhat of a copy of Smiths handload. As we have discussed above, estimating pressure is crucial when trying to develop a load for your rifle that is under the SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure (MAP). In particular, their 77 Gr SMK, 80 Gr SMK, 90 Gr SMK, and 95 Gr SMK are great. CZ Model 550 American $550 John has really stepped up for the .22 Creedmoor community by producing a great set of reloading dies which work well with our, and others, .22 Creedmoor casings. 22 LR Muzzle Velocity: 22 long rifle muzzle velocity is the speed with which a bullet leaves the barrel measured in feet per second (FPS). My first kill was in a rocky area out in the desert near an alfalfa farm, where the farmer was having issues with the rockchucks coming in and eating/digging up his chip potato field. The ability of the heavy .224 bullets to retain both velocity and energy at long distances makes this cartridge a realistic deer and varmint rifle. This is important when you create your own rounds, but even more so with wildcat cartridges, like the .22 Creedmoor. At our 22 Creedmoor muzzle velocity of 3550fps the Hornady 75gr ELD-M bullets produces around 2099 ft.lbs of energy, taking it close to medium 6mm bullets or light 308 Winchester rounds. The Sierra website is https://www.sierrabullets.com/, and you can find their products wherever you currently shop for reloading supplies. Choose from large primer or small primer types. Cache Carlson More often than not, the fastest load is not the most accurate load. 17 Leonberg Road, Suite 100Cranberry Township, PA 16066. With the help of our other Varminter brother, David H., we developed a load in QuickLoad that I used to create the first loads for accuracy testing. Norma URP deserves more exploration because all loads grouped into less than an inch. After the barrel was broken in a bit (following PROOF Researchs recommended procedure), that very load produced a .28-inch, 5-shot 100-yard group at 3,139 fps. We took the different bullet and powder combinations and loaded them up to the SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure (MAP) for the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6 Creedmoor cartridges, which is 62,000 psi. David Hillis This leaves custom rifles, and for that I turned to Dale Hegstrom, owner of Little Crow Gunworks. Eld-x & m's shoot good in most but some guns hate them. As built by LRI,Long Rifles, Inc.out of Sturgis, S.D., the rifle is a turn-bolt tack driver set up very much like most upper grade long range rifles we see as custom-built field tools. Compare .22lr Ammo Ballistics between 27 different 22 lr cartridges. We hope the above data will help you shoot your .22 Creedmoor with greater confidence that the load you have developed to work in your rifle not only shoots great but is also at a safe working pressure. So, it wasnt until the 6mm incarnation appeared that the Creedmoor name entered my orbit. if you want more speed I'd go either ai or cm depending on how you feel about the above "benefits" I suspect the rifle will be a target-grade turn-bolt with the chamber set back a bit for tight chambering of a bore rider with cut rifling. Clearwater, Florida 33760, Text: 727-486-3517(applicable for text messaging only), 2021 M*CARBO All Rights Reserved | Terms & Conditions, If you feel that you've received this message in error, please. The higher the number the lower the drag of the bullet. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The 6.5 Creedmoor is now one of the most popular cartridges chambered in factory rifles. At the time of this writing, there isn't a factory rifle in the new hot rod super .22, but hang on as I believe that is just around the corner. While this certainly can be used for PRS and tactical competition, the 22 Creedmoor seems to be ideally suited as a high velocity varmint round something to replace the 22-250. Case capacity very similar to 22-250 AI. GunsAmerica tester Jeff Cramblit favors the 22 Creedmoor as a varmint round: The performance of the 22 Creedmoor with 75-80 grain bullets makes it an outstanding varmint cartridge. Barnes Vor-TX TTSX 6.5 Creedmoor Velocity Out of a Nosler Model 21 rifle that has a 22-inch Shilen barrel, this load had an average muzzle velocity of 2776 fps, with a standard velocity. Its owner and shooter, Jim Smith, knew the rifle like the back of his hand, and when theWar of the Dogsstarted, it showed in spades. I have not grouped past 1,000 with that rifle yet though. If you want to see a visual take a look at the 22LR Bullet Trajectory Chart! Theyre predictably accurate and the polymer tip initiates ample expansion on prairie dog to rockchuck-sized critters. 6.5 Creedmoor Ballistics Chart. 22 LR Muzzle Energy: 22 long rifle muzzle energy is measured in foot pounds to determine the destructive potential of the bullet. Mike Barton The 308/175 SMK outperformed the 6.5 Creedmoor/ 142 SMK inside of 800 yards, however, at 1,000 yards the superior characteristics of the 142 SMK allows it to perform better. That way, the only difference between the two sets of 5 rounds was the type of primer used. This GunsAmerica photo shows, L to R, 90gr Sierra MK, Hornady 88gr, 80gr, and 75gr .224 caliber bullets. This hard-to-find option in the 5.56 line up will go fast! I will probably be using 4350 as I have plenty of it, but ive got some rl25 and 26 as well. Warne 30mm Rings, Suppressor: Analyzing the above data, we observe that changing between using standard large rifle primers and large rifle magnum primers did cause a slight change in a few outcomes, including velocity and pressure, during our test: #1. Add two grains of powder and velocity increases to 3,400 fps. ELD Match 80269 2790 2564 2349 2144 1950 1764 1262 1066 . While doing my initial testing, I tried various powders, including Varget, IMR 4166 Enduron and H4350. You cannot be certain unless you run all of the different test combinations, and this limited test was just conducted for our own curiosity. The Peterson 22 Creedmoor brass is excellent. Along with more than 25 other calibers, Peterson Cartridge now offers casings in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6 Creedmoor, .25 Creedmoor, and .22 Creedmoor. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '.google-analytics.com/ga.js'; Hang time from muzzle to target is very short. This is a distinct step up in performance. The first group is just touching the lands and then backed it off by .010 for each of the next 4 groups. bullets and fast twist rifling, usually 1:8 or even 1:7.5. You may notice that we used large rifle magnum primers for this testing. I cant confirm that, but it was continually going up in pressure. I would look at load data for the 6 creedmoor with 105 class bullets and start from there. With that information, the rifles Ive used all had 1:7-inch twists and, with 75-grain Hornady ELD bullets, they all performed like super hybrid long range gunning systems. Accuracy was good but there was no speed with it. I was shooting at distances that ranged from just under 100 yards, out to 300+ yards, with the average being in the 250 yard mark. I have listed below a few of the companies that produce quality components, supplies, and rifles related to .22 Creedmoor. So, we took the time to do a little testing to show the difference using a magnum primer can make compared to a standard primer when shooting .22 Creedmoor. Improved Military Rifle IMR 7977. Patrick has used this bullet successfully on varmints and hogs from his AR-15. An extra grain of powder broke 3,000 fps but opening that group to an even inch. IMR-4955 Enduron did its best work as loads approached maximum (an arbitrary term with this new cartridge), assembling a .39-inch group at 3,272 fps. We then tested those loads in our universal receiver so we could record a pressure for each load. As with any new wildcat cartridge, its difficult to determine where actual maximum loads lay without the benefit of pressure equipment, or at least factory ammunition to use as a baseline for measured case expansion. I have been thinking about rebarraling it to a 6 or 6.5 creedmoor to make a long range varmenter. Enter the 22 Creedmoor as an AT&T long distance fur harvesting system. Varmint/Predator Hunting: Primal Rights is also a reseller of Tangent Theta optics, as well as offering marksmanship training at their facility located in South Dakota. The accuracy and ballistics make it a highly versatile rifle on all of the varmints I come across, or call in (coyotes). We expect Hornady and possibly Federal might also produce loaded ammo in the near future. Bergers 90-grain VLD Target and 44 grains of Vihtavuori N565 produced this .30-inch group at 3,100 fps. The .22 Creedmoor (and this rifle especially) is a definite winner. SAAMI test data confirms 6.5 mm Creedmoor, 15 feet (4.6 m) from muzzle, velocity of 2,940 ft/s (896 m/s) for the 129-grain bullet and 2,690 ft/s (820 m/s) for the 140-grain bullet (which compares to .300 Winchester Magnum data of 2,930 ft/s (893 m/s) for a 200-grain bullet and 2,665 ft/s (812 m/s) for a 210-grain bullet). Accurate MAGPRO turned in lackluster results, with most groups breaking an inch, though not by much. Jake Dempsey New Hunter Experience Copper Creek also offers load development packs with either Alpha or Hornady brass. Fundamentally, we believe that reducing/slowing the twist rate in your rifle (e.g. Loaded ammunition is available with bullets in the 70-75 range leaving 24 barrels at velocities around 3400+ fps, a bit more conservative than personal hand-loading, but still making it a very flat shooting, low recoiling round delivering impressive results., Jeff says the 22 Creedmoor will also work for PRS with heavier bullets: I built the 22 CM to be a dual-purpose gun, or actually a 3-purpose gun. David Hillis, Jr. Everything fell into place rather quickly, so within a few months, I saw this build come to fruition and get out into the field in June of 2020. I just loaded some testers with the 80.5 with 40 grains of H4350 and did 5 groups of five rounds. (function(){var cid=document.createElement("script");cid.async=true;cid.src="//seal.digicert.com/seals/cascade/seal.min.js";var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script");var ls = s[(s.length - 1)];ls.parentNode.insertBefore(cid, ls.nextSibling);}()); 5601 116th Ave N The .22 Creedmoor (and this rifle especially) is a definite winner. CLICK HERE to read full GunsAmerica 22 Creedmoor test report. Both sets of rounds were fired in our lab, using our universal receiver, which has a 24 barrel. Necking down is a simple one-step operation with a neck-sizing or full-length sizing die. Without exception, with every single load tested, bolt lift was effortless and primers showed no sign of excessive pressure with any loads listed. Referencing QuickLoad data for Bergers 85.5-grain Long Range Hybrid Target bullet (supplied by friends at Capstone Precision), comparing Alliant Reloder 26, Norma MRP and Vihtavuori N560 velocities to what Ive produced in the real world, Ive easily matched projected maximum velocities. Lets compare the CCI 22LR Stinger Ballistics to the Remington Golden Bullet 22LR Ballistics! SUB-2000 Glock 19 vs 17. Alpha Munitions, Petersen Cartridge, Quality Cartridge and Hornady offer properly-headstamped brass, though creating .22 CM brass is no more difficult than running factory 6mm CM cases through a full-sizing die, with no trimming required, though some neck turning may be required. However, we could not directly test this theory, since, at this time, we do not possess the requisite equipment. Its what Ive done with 22 Dasher and 22x47L. The Kimber Open Country rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor wears a 24-inch barrel to wring every last bit of velocity from the cartridge. Besides the almost endless calibers they chamber their rifles in, they also were one of the 1 st companies to begin mass producing rifles chambered in .22 Creedmoor. Nothing lived after being hit with the 64 grain TGK out of my Killmore! While this certainly can be used for PRS and tactical competition, the 22 Creedmoor seems to be ideally suited as a high velocity varmint round something to replace the 22-250. My reasons for this recommendation are numerous, but the results in pictures and on the video(s) released, solidify my reason for making this suggestion. . Along with his reloading dies, he also produces reloading tools and custom rifles. When you look at the typical powder choices for the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 6 Creedmoor, many loaders use H4350 (when they can find it in stock). It shoot similar to my new 22 CM. Mine has 1/10 twist and works well with 4451 powder and 55-60 gr. RSCAR. Reloder 16 printed a .54-inch group at only 2,821 fps with 35.5 grains of powder and .64 inch with an added grain of powder at 2,910 fps (12-fps extreme velocity spread). It wasnt a bang or even a pop, but a soft snap like a stick breaking far away. The bullet carries a ballistic coefficient of .444 and stays very active well beyond 1,000 yards. Up until now, that has not happened with the .22 Creedmoor. (Photo: L.P. Brezny). That proves out how flat the trajectory is with this cartridge/bullet combo. I expect vel. Hornady's taking a long-range shot at outgunning the .22 Swift with its blistering 22 Creedmoor bullets, with the 75-grain ELD handloads leaving the pipe at 3,200 fps. To help our customers, and anyone else who shoots .22 Creedmoor, we decided to create and distribute this data sheet. What powder for 6.5 PRC with 20'' barrel? Ammo Description Velocity (fps) Energy (ft/lb) Trajectory Tables (inches) CARTRIDGE BULLET ITEM # MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd M 223 Rem 68 gr. Anybody have any suggestions on starting loads in the 75- 80.5 gr. The first near .25-inch group resulted from 44.5 grains of Alliant Reloder 26 at 3,388 fps, which also included a single-digit extreme velocity spread. The .22 Creedmoor is an excellent varmint round, for both small, to larger coyote sized animals. Is the KEL TEC SUB-2000 California legal. The 22LR muzzle velocity has a lot to do with the weight of the bullet measured in grains, which is why we see hyper velocity bullets weighing in at 30 gr -32 gr. Vihtavuoris N565 did best as velocity increased, with 43 grains at 3,100 fps printing .55 inch and 44 grains at 3,169 fps grouping into .30 inch. Yes sir. This is a great thread! Reference the Bullet Ballistic Coefficient Chart above. going from a 1 in 7 to a 1 in 8 twist) will reduce the pressure that the casing experiences during firing. A MAGPUL magazine well kit was added. Although we were able to gather pressure and velocity data in our lab, we have not tested these loads for accuracy. It is ready for varmints or predators, dealing with windy conditions or even pursuing pronghorn to deer-sized big game. It kept doing that to me and I stopped shooting it because of that. accuracy or consistent velocity, but are just reference points for you to use when working up your own loads. Alliant Reloder 23 proved quite compatible with the .22 CM, with 39.5 grains at 3,076 fps producing a .45-inch group, and 40.5 grains at 3,114 fps the smallest group of the entire test, .25 inch with only a 22-fps extreme velocity spread. 22 LR Bullet Weight: Weight of the bullet in grains, there are 7000 grains in one pound; the abbreviation for grains is gr. https://www.facebook.com/22CreedmoorRifles/, https://www.primalrights.com/library/cartridge-guides/22-creedmoor. The charge is low and i expect to end up in the 42-43gr range but its new brass and a new barrel so trying to find a charge weight and FPS wouldn't help right now. It smashes coyotes, and smashes them hard. NoScript). Increasing charge weight and velocity doubled that group size. One of the benefits of a cartridge being standardized by SAAMI is that manufacturers who publish loading manuals will begin publishing load data for the new cartridge. There is a simple reason why. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. You get 22-250 class velocities with a more modern cartridge design, and high-quality brass. . Full house loads in 7-pound rifles recoil with about 15.7 ft.-lbs. Using 43 grains of VV-N560 produced a .58-inch group at 3,295 fps. I use alpha brass which has a little less capacity than hornady, so if you use hornady brass it may work a little better. Im hopeful A-Tip groups will tighten as the barrel breaks in. The muzzle velocity of the CCI Stinger Ammo is 1,640 fps compared to the 1,280 fps of the Remington Golden Bullet 36 gr. 22 McGowan Barrel (5R 1:8 Twist) $500, Optic: .22 Creedmoor Velocity: 3277 FPS 5.56 NATO Velocity: 2859 FPS (from 26 barrel) From the manufacturer: Introducing Mead 5.56 X45 77gr BTHP, Match quality ammunition from our friends at MEAD INDUSTRIES! What is the difference between the 22 Creedmoor and the 22 Cheetah? The Satterlee Arms builds are ultra-high-performance rifles. Velocity was pretty good with rl 26 at around 3100, but I'm getting 3000 with 4350 with low es and way more consistent groups. The Timney Trigger was adjusted to break at a crisp 1.53 pounds. Bergers 90-grain VLD Target bullet shot from my .223 Remington AR-15 with a 1:7 twist has successfully killed everything from Wyoming long-range, windy-day prairie dogs to brush-country Texas hogs. It took three years to see the first factory offered turn-bolt Valkyrie. The target was moving away at an angle, and the bullets were now angling toward the air space we were covering. The thing that makes that rifle sing, besides the chassis design and precision turret system, is its 1:7.7 rifling that stabilizes long-for-caliber 6mm bullets with exceptional ballistic coefficients (BC). The R17 gave me everything I was looking for and availability at the time was not an issue. None of the Big-Five rifle makers have expressed interest in the .22 Creedmoor at this time. With a rifle zeroed at 50 yards this 22lr bullet drop chart shows how each cartridge compares at distances of 75 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards and 200 yards. Speaking for all of us here at Varminter, we love Redding dies. The following loads were not tested for accuracy or consistent velocity but are just reference points for you to use when working up your own loads. With those slower burning powders, like H1000 and RL26, we wanted to make sure we used a primer with the most potential to ignite them. Call our experts: (727) 223-1816 or visit support.mcarbo.com, Our 22LR ammo ballistics chart will give you the bullet ballistic coefficient, muzzle energy, muzzle velocity and bullet drop of 27 different .22LR rimfire cartridges. KEL TEC SUB-2000 . This leaves .22-250 Ackley Improved data as a viable starting point. We then fired both sets of 5 rounds and recorded the pressure and velocity for each round. to be near 3900+, with my 25 Bbl. For reasons that are unclear, Winchester chose the 6mm Lee Navy case as the parent for their new high velocity .22 caliber cartridge instead of the .250/3000 Savage. The 22lr muzzle energy is the kinetic energy of the bullet as it leaves the muzzle. My obsessions lean heavily to burrowing rodents or predators willing to investigate the morbid cries of dying bunnies. By that I mean everyone has their own idea of the best bullets to use in terms of design and grain weight. The 105-115 gr bullets they favor make it easier to see their impacts at long range. The 22CM hits with 300ft/lbs more energy at 600yds than a 6.5CM. When they hit a certain point, both dogs dropped out of sight. Patricks .22 Creedmoor, built by Dale Hegstrom of Little Crow Gunworks, includes a MAGPUL magazine well kit to hold a 10-round detachable magazine. We found him piled up in nook around 12 yards away. Remington's "Deadliest Mushroom" comes with improved accuracy, flatter trajectory, and enhanced terminal ballistics with the new Big Green polymer tip. It will make a great rockchuck and predator combo. I could not argue with his logic. Improved Military Rifle IMR 7828 SSC. Through-out 2020, the .22 Creedmoor racked up dozens of kills, from rockchucks to coyotes. I live in an area where hunting rockchucks is a short drive away, so on Saturday, June 6, 2020, I grabbed my .22 Killmore and my reloaded ammo and went out looking for some of these larger varmints! However some ammo-makers are producing 22 Creedmoor loaded ammo right now: Copper Creek, Gunwerks, and Spark Munitions. Hey guys, I'm brand new to Gunhive and I came by references to the 22 Creedmoor. The 6.5 Creedmoor with 142 SMK and 17 barrel shot inside the 308 Winchester 175 SMK 22 barrel out to 1,000 yards. Send your results to help@mcarbo.com! Generally the heavier and faster the bullet the more damage it will do to the intended target. And we were successful. This time, Eric Mayer met me and brought his video equipment. The Creedmoor gets its longrange performance reputation from a combination of 140- to 143-grain, high B.C. There was a slight feeding issue, caused by the slightly less taper in the case, not allowing the cartridge to load properly with the control-feed action. As you can see the CCI Stinger Ammo has a higher initial muzzle energy but at 200 yards the Remington Golden Bullet 36 gr has a much higher kinetic energy and more killing power at that distance. The very first group from this rifle with this random load produced a .50-inch, five-shot, 100-yard group. Having a slightly heavier bullet, while still keeping the ballistic advantage of a light bullet out to 500 yards, was the real sweet spot for anyone looking at the .22 Nosler, .224 Valkyrie and the .22 Creedmoor. Although the CZ 550 I converted had a detachable box magazine (which are hard to find), I was able to still set the bullet depth at2.095 to the lands, then back-off at 50 thousandths and have them chamber with no issues. Ranging back to me at the calling stand, the range finder returned 1,017 yards. In doing that, regardless of what bullet and powder one chooses, if you have access to a chronograph and a powder burn rate chart, you will be able to estimate a safe maximum pressure load for your rifle chambered in .22 Creedmoor. Vihtavuoris N565 didnt produce a noteworthy group until it hit maximum, with 45 grains printing .46 inch at 3,257 with a 38-fps extreme velocity spread. LEARN MORE about the 22 Creedmoor . In addition to the 6.5 and 6mm Creedmoor cartridges, now there's a new Creedmoor on the block, the .22 Creedmoor. The Bullet Ballistic Coefficient for CCI Stinger Ammo is .084 compared to the BC of the Remington Golden Bullet of .125. Smiths pet load for taking long range coyotes was a bit different from the 75-grainHornady ELDhandloads I had developed for my test rifles. The 22 Creedmoor is quickly establishing itself as the go-to big 22cal. There is an excellent write-up in the GunsAmerica Digest about the 22 Creedmoor cartridge. The advent of the 6mm Creedmoor immediately had folks necking the hornady 6mm down to 22 cal and upon doing so found virtually the perfect case capacity for heavy weight .224 bullets. Patrick was curious to see if Hornadys 80-grain ELD Match might expand on smaller varmints. Lapua brass has outstanding consistency and durability. _gaq.push(['_setDomainName', '.accurateshooter.com']); Federal Premium Gold Medal 201 Match primers were seated. @220yotekiller A 22 cheetah is a fringe cartridge in comparison. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. He shot this water-filled aluminum can at 200 yards. Thirty-five grains beneath a 77-grain Tipped MatchKing produced this .46-inch, five-shot 100-yard group. Powders suitable for the .22 Creedmoor include slow burners to accommodate the cartridges overbore dynamics. There, the landscape is wide and rolling with cuts as deep as several hundred feet that divide whole sections of soft, smooth hillsides that quickly turn into deep draws that almost require ropes and repelling techniques when retrieving a kill that has been made toward the bottom. More research brought me to Reloder 17 powder. Reloder 26 is the clear winner here, providing both consistent accuracy, low extreme velocity spreads and top velocities. Although the Nosler and Valkyrie, shooting 55-60 grain projectiles, have a decent following with the predator hunting crowd, running the ballistics on the .22 Creedmoor and a slightly heavier bullet showed that it would outperform the two with both speed and energy. Big magnums it's my go to powder. The results were interesting to say the least. It's basically a measure of how streamlined the bullet is. I figured if i can find the right COAL while breaking in the barrel it would be a plus. https://forum.snipershide.com/threads/22-creedmoor.6255624/. However, the faster you push the bullets, the higher likelihood you will experience a problem with your bullets disintegrating in flight. My first was chambered in Rugers Precision Rifle topped with a Vortex Optics Viper PST 6-24x 50mm scope. On the fresh snow, it was easy to observe them zig zagging along, but always heading at an angle toward Smiths call. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); Cliff T But . To illustrate this difference, we loaded 5 casings with large rifle magnum primers. The 22 Creedmoor is basically a factory-developed wildcat round by Hornady. I am good friends with a local rancher who grows crops and runs cattle in Idaho. And we increased our internal volume slightly to work better with the slow-burning powders [such as Reloder 26 or H1000]., 22 Creedmoor for Varmints Video from the Varmint Fields of Eastern Oregon. Shot 2 antelope with my 77gr TMK load last fall. We were fighting very strong winds, with gusts up to 35mph! The 22 Creedmoor will likely be 1-8" twist, for the windy days and 243AI will be fast twist to hit 'em hard in close. For example, shooting the 22 Creedmoor with a moderate handload and Hornadys 75-grain ELD, the bullet leaves the pipe at 3,200 fps and that is not on the hot side for this cartridge. JavaScript is disabled. You may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission in writing. In addition to our data sheet, we have included a few of these loads, complete with their associated pressures and velocities, below. Will Chambers Clear accuracy/velocity winners included Alliant Reloder 23 and 26, Vihtavuori N560, N565 and IMR-4955. The only changes Ive encountered in handloading for this cartridge was with my second test rifle a scratch-build custom from Satterlee Arms in Deadwood, South Dakota. Longer, thinner barrels will be affected by heat and will tend to . Cartridges Abbreviated By Manufacturer: (C) = CCI; (H) =Hornady; (R) = Remington; (W) = Winchester. Another way we provide support is by investing in the equipment necessary to test the products we produce, so we can provide technical information to those who need it.
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